We’re evidence-based. We are professional public speakers delivering keynote and other talks on reality and how to improve the world. We generally cut against the common narratives and show why things may not be as they seem. Audiences will talk about these talks long after the event is over.


David Siegel Founder of the Pillar Project and 2030, David has been a professional speaker for more than twenty years. His prolific work on blockchain technology, entrepreneurship, and business has distinguished him as a thought leader in innovation, organizational dynamics, and economics. He has spoken to executives, managers, and audiences up to 1,000 people. An engaging speaker, David enjoys interacting with audiences, livening up panels, conducting master classes and workshops. Have a look at some of his talks and set up a time to discuss your needs. David is always one of the most valuable players at any event. The name of each talk links to its video.

Keynote: Eight Drivers of Change for the 21st Century Based on his research for an upcoming book, David takes your audience through a neck-snapping tour of the next thirty years that will leave everyone thinking about their true priorities for the future.

Keynote: Future of Money This is an important talk on the future of monetary policy and crypto-finance. David shows how important monetary policy is to the world. Why is a bit of inflation better than no inflation? As he says, “If you like recessions, the monetary policy we have today is probably the perfect thing. But did you know central banks can largely prevent recessions?” Attendees will have their eyes opened to a new approach to money that has the potential to radically reduce recessions across the globe.

Keynote: Intro to blockchain In this very accessible talk, David explains the basic concepts of blockchain in non-technical terms and shows how blockchain will change business, society, governments, and more.

Tokens and Tokenomics An entertaining talk on what tokens are and how they will change our world. What are tokens? What kind of tokens exist? Why will there be trillions of dollars' worth of tokens in just a few short years? This is David’s most requested talk. Using real world examples, he shows how tokenomics and tokenised business models will change the world. He also gives a quick overview of the world of security tokens, touches on mechanism design, and makes predictions about the future of tokens and token models. 

All About Stablecoins Stablecoins are a very hot topic these days. They hold the promise of opening the world of blockchain to interface with the world of contracts, commitments, insurance, and many other use cases. Several have tried and failed, and the weight of the crypto-economy hangs in the balance. In this talk, David breaks down the basic concepts and examples, and points to where he thinks this fascinating space will take us.

David is a fabulous public speaker I have worked with directly on a number of conferences. He always brings a great energy to the room and can tell a complex technical story in a way that wakes everyone up and fully engages them. He strikes the perfect balance between fun, big picture 'blue sky' thinking and practical information.

- Helen Disney, event producer

Kevin Erdmann is an expert on the real-estate macro picture. His evidence-based view of the Great Financial Crisis is a stunner. The common narrative is that we had too much money, too much credit, and we built too many homes. In fact, our problem for at least the last 20 years has been that we don't have enough homes, and it is a shortage of homes that has put continual upward pressure on housing costs. This may seem unbelievable, but the evidence is overwhelming. Seeing this evidence will open up a whole new way of thinking about the economy, investing, and homeownership. This is a radical new way of thinking about the economy that all serious professionals need to understand.  This has implications for real estate brokers, real estate investors, financial advisors, homebuilders, public policymakers, and more. And, in the end, it is a motivational story about how learning the right lessons about the financial crisis illuminates opportunity that surrounds everyone in the real estate and financial sectors.

Ronald Pol is an international expert on Anti-Terrorist Financing and Anti-Money Laundering regulations. A former lawyer in New Zealand and the UK, and an author, speaker and leadership adviser, Dr Pol’s expertise is outcomes in policy, law, and business. Troubled by evidence that the ‘war’ on money laundering may be the least effective policy initiative and legal experiment anywhere, ever, Pol sought out the world’s best political science and legal thinkers to help test root causes and new concepts with the rigor of a PhD. Despite the exponential growth of a vast global anti-money laundering industry, the current compliance model is more than 99 percent ineffective at disrupting criminal finances. Serious profit-motivated crime continues, flourishes, and expands globally. Ron presents the evidence for failure and then describes innovative new approaches to reframe the conversation for better outcomes, as detailed in his forthcoming book.