Tyler Cowen on Prices

In this blog, I’m going to talk a lot about macroeconomics, because many people don’t understand macroeconomics. One of the best resources to learn about economics in Marginal University, a series of videos by Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok. Here is Tyler on prices:

Matt Ridley on Innovation

Matt Ridley is a hero of mine. In this important talk, he shows example after example of how innovation emerges and how governments block innovation. This conversation could not be more important for permissionless finance. Much is broken. We have a lot to do. Matt shows us that getting out of the way is paramount:

Caitlin Long on the Financialization of Bitcoin

Caitlin Long has been working very hard to pass a number of groundbreaking laws in Wyoming to help entrepreneurs innovate. She has a legal background and a very good grasp of the legal issues surrounding securities and blockchain. I expect she’ll play a role in the emergence of digital money. I’ll post her videos often. Her most recent video isn’t on YouTube, so you have to follow this link:

Caitlin Long on Wyoming, Wall Street, and the future of finance.

This is a new blog about money

My name is David Siegel. I’m the creator of the Cutting Through the Noise blog, which is about rationality and evidence-based decisionmaking. That blog will continue here under the link CTTN blog, and this main blog will focus on money. I want to educate people about the opportunities of permissionless finance. To do that, I want to a) show how broken and dysfunctional the world financial system is and 2) point the way toward a better world. I’m not an Austrian economist. I don’t believe cryptocurrencies are money. I believe we have to reinvent money, and that will mean working with central banks and governments.

The transition to digital money will take thirty years. Think about that. People who are 20-30 years old today will be making many of the important decisions that affect all of us. This blog is for younger, more progressive people who want to make a difference in the world. I hope to show here how important money is, how critical monetary policy is, and how we can transition to a better world through reinventing money.

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David Siegel