My Commentary on the Avenir Suisse Analysis of Libra

A Zurich think tank released a paper on Libra that I thought was a) very well written, b) pretty much smart, and c) only in a few places completely wrong. You can read the original paper, or you can just watch my video review and see both their thinking and mine:

They worry that world-scale demand for Libra might put too much buying pressure on the Swiss Franc, but I explain in my video that they can probably deal with it by selling assets. I forgot to mention, however, that the Libra team will constantly be watching to see their effects on various currencies and can easily adjust their mix to keep things stable. Too many people are creating too many far-off scenarios about Libra that simply won’t happen. We need more experiments like Libra. Let’s get it started and see how it goes. Regulators will have full visibility and will be able to do nasty things to the project later if they want, but let’s not stop it now based on a bunch of armchair thinking.