Why are Health Care Costs So Damn High?

The answer is interesting. First, costs have risen, but not as much as you might have thought. At Mother Jones, Kevin Drum offers a balanced look at wages in the health-care sector. He says they have gone up more than most, but not dramatically more. What has really increased is the sheer number of new diagnostic tests, fancy equipment and treatments, all of which need technicians, scheduling, paperwork, etc.

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That’s how the US outspends every other nation on earth:

health care costs.png

But if the US is going to pay more than any other country in the world for all these fancy new gadgets, shouldn't we get insanely great health care, not just cool high-tech procedures with expensive technicians?

It turns out - we don’t. The US health care system lags behind the rest of the world in so many measurements of outcome that you have to wonder whether any of the fancy stuff works at all:

health care outcomes.png

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