Thinking Fast and Slow

I will write often about books I think are important (see the book list here). The first book I usually ask people to read is Thinking Fast and Slow, by Danny Kahneman:

Screenshot 2019-04-29 at 19.45.23.png

Even though this is an amazing book, several of his claims in the book have been challenged, and he says himself, in his conversation with Tyler Cowen:

There were whole sets of results that I published in Thinking, Fast and Slow that I wish I hadn’t published because they’re not reliable.

I’ll discuss some of those findings that weren’t so reliable in a future post. Kahneman is working on a new book on noise - differentiating between statistical thinking and causal thinking. It’s going to be an important book, and you can get a preview by listening to or reading the interview. Please tell me if you’ve read Thinking Fast and Slow and I’ll report the results in a future post: