Ron Pol Interview

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This week I did a Bayesian analysis of the Apple Watch’s latest feature - diagnosing Atrial Fibulation in young people. Almost certainly, this will kill a few people unnecessarily. And we really don’t know the benefits. Nice going, Apple.

I reviewed the excellent book, Rule Makers, Rule Breakers, which is now part of my tool kit for understanding the world.

Wednesday was about framing, which included some fun videos.

Yesterday, I wrote about ecosystems and gave an important list of their properties.

Today, I’d like you to see my interview with a very brave man, Ron Pol, who has shown with data that the financial regulatory emperor is wearing no clothes at all! He destroys the myth of the anti-money-laundering law, showing that regulatory effectiveness is often a fictional construct in the mind of bureaucrats.

Watch Ron Pol Slay the Dragon of Anti-Money-Laundering!