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In general, when there’s a conventional wisdom about a problem, I usually find that wrong.
- Ezekiel Emanuel

I promised that if you give me 15 minutes a day, I will improve your IQ significantly, which of course is a lie. The IQ test is a silly measure of intelligence. People have long tried to come up with a simple way to measure intelligence, and - what do you know? - it turns out to be a little more complicated than that.

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One way I improve my intelligence is to bookmark and read Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok’s amazing blog, Marginal Revolution:

Many people who are reading this found me through their blog - I’m grateful that Tyler decided to include my piece in a recent list of links. I rarely miss a post of theirs, though I can’t say it’s easy - they are hard to keep up with. I would say I spend 2-3 hours a week reading through the material and following links. As much as I admire Tyler, my thinking is more aligned with Alex’s. Alex believes there really isn’t much behind such things as education, titles, elections, etc. He says it’s mostly signaling, and I plan to dive into a lot of that in coming posts.

A bonus: Tyler also runs Conversations With Tyler, a podcast series, and here’s a great conversation with Ezekiel Emanuel that will make you realize how much we need to rethink health care. We have the capability, but we have entrenched norms and behaviors that put us our health-care system in an inadequate equlibrium:

Listen to Tyler talk with Ezekiel.

My goal here is to be more focused on decision making, future technology, and answering readers’ questions. But there will certainly be a lot of overlap between their amazing output and what I will be covering. I also plan to start doing interviews and videos. So let me ask you to tell me now - pick only two of the following topics that are the most important to you, so I have some feedback to work toward:

Which skill would you like to acquire most?
Please choose 2-3 fields that interest you most, not more:

Thank you. Please consider joining our Telegram group and participating - I hope we can build a smart, lively community of inquisitive people. But now you really must go visit Tyler and Alex: