Ray Dalio, More Framing videos, The Libra White Paper

This past week I published a review of Ray Dalio’s book, Principles. I suggested that even though Ray is very smart and very rich, he probably misdiagnosed the true cause of the Great Recession, and probably several other macro-economic events. I would love to talk with him about that in case you happen to know someone who knows him.

I also wrote about Products vs Services. I think many more products will become services over time. An example is board games and the games you find at a toy store. Almost all of them can be apps. It’s not surprising that so many toy stores are closing - much of the experience they provide will be replaced by virtual and on-screen entertainment.

On Wednesday, I presented an amazing set of videos and asked: What Would You Do? Be sure to at least see the first video - you won’t forget it.

On Thursday I published a video I made explaining the new Libra coin project from Facebook. I’m very excited about Libra coin. It will immediately show how messed up our financial regulations are. They are conflicting and almost completely ineffective. Once again, we need to ask the key question: What problem are we really trying to solve?

I plan to be much more involved in the development of the Libra ecosystem. For those interested in Libra, I am holding a live Zoom call tomorrow, Saturday June 22nd, at noon Eastern Time, 5pm UK time. If you would like to learn about Libra and join the conversation, please email me for the Zoom link: david@cuttingthroughthenoise.net

Today, if you haven’t read it, I ask you to go to my big essay on reality and get started. I hope it will help you adjust and improve your view of the world: