Move the Window

I keep pointing to the writing of Maarten Van Doorn because he is a young person to follow. He’s 26, lives in Southern Holland, and he writes all the time on important topics from philosophy to society. Do you know someone else who is a young, ambitious shaper? Please introduce him/her to me and to our community.

Today, I ask you to read Maarten’s excellent and short essay on …

How to Change the World

And here is the last paragraph I would add to his essay:

The bottom line: Don’t try to do what’s possible; redefine what’s possible. While this is the kind of thing we see on LinkedIn and Twitter all day long, it’s far more difficult than it sounds. I’ve spent my life trying to redefine what’s possible, and 90 percent of everything I’ve ever done has failed. I’m used to it. But if you look at the bone pile of discarded efforts, it is vast. It’s the “dark matter” of entrepreneurship - failure outweighs success about ten to one, possibly more. So when you point to some success and say “We’ll do it like they did it,” you are almost certainly going to fail. The world is full of institutional silliness and rigorous nonsense, yet that’s what passes for normal, and moving the window past that is very, very difficult. You need clear thinking, skill, hard work, and a lot of luck to move the world even a quarter of an inch forward.