Friday Roundup

This past week I wrote a short essay on why Jeff Bezos doesn’t understand the problem, and why I should have a chance to meet his ex-wife, MacKenzie.

I also wrote about Paul Ehrlich, who continually predicts catastrophe as a result of overpopulation. Even though he is a famous, well respected scientist, that doesn’t prevent him from being wrong. How many people do you think earth can support? How confident are you of your answer?

On Wednesday, I published a big piece on how the Federal Reserve could change monetary policy to benefit everyone on planet earth. I think that one is important - please read and share!

Thursday I wrote an update on the Measles Vaccine. If you have kids or are against vaccinations, please read. Remarkably, two people responded who say they choose not to vaccinate despite the evidence I presented. I have to say that this blog is NOT for those people.

Today’s Interview: Sophie and Satish

Sophie and Satish joined our community back when it was the Pillar Academy. They are both strong advocates of change. Satish is a software developer in Kathmandu; Sophie is a documentary filmmaker in London. Watch their interview and learn how they want to change the world:

Watch Sophie and Satish

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