Look at these nine coins:


Can you move one coin and make it so there are two rows of five coins each?

Finding it difficult? It’s all in the framing. Here’s Richard Wiseman of quirkology to show us the way out of our mental traps:

One person who puts a lot of time into understanding framing is Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert. He has a very large following online, and he has a daily vlog called “Coffee with Scott Adams.” I enjoy watching his broadcasts, even if I don’t agree with them all. But his specialty is framing hard problems, and it’s very helpful. You may not want to buy his frame in every case, but by looking at a problem through his lens, you broaden your perspective. For the past 6+ months, he’s been looking into the climate-change debate and trying to figure it out. He doesn’t have all the answers, but his framing is worth the time to watch. He broadcasts on Periscope, where thousands of people comment as he talks each morning. He also puts these videos on YouTube. Here is one I like very much on climate:

Framing is hard, and framing is important. If you find that interesting, here’s a conversation between him and a friend named Dr Shiva that I think is also worth watching:

I recommend you read my blog and watch my videos faithfully five days a week, but on weekends, catch up with Scott Adams on many topics, especially political topics, because many of his shows are worth watching.