Fragile by Design - How a Dysfunctional Banking System Came to Rule the Earth

For those who really like to dig into the details, I highly recommend reading Fragile by Design, an amazing book by Charles Calomiris and Stephen Haber. It is not for the feint of heart. Despite that I think they misdiagnosed the Great Financial Crisis, this book will give any citizen of Europe, the US, or South America enough ammunition to show that the banking system evolved to serve the state and is a political tool, above all else. It shows the tight relationship between kings and presidents who wanted to wage war and the upper-class financiers who had the money to finance it - in return for certain privileges. Even though Calomiris and Haber misdiagnosed the Great Financial Crisis, it is still a remarkable and important book.

Fragile By Design cover.jpg

If you read nonfiction, this is amazing. Get it at in the US or listen to it on Audible. I have both.