A New Blog on Reality and the Future by David Siegel

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My name is David Siegel. I am one of the world’s first people to start blogging - regular personal writing on the web - before it was called blogging. I started in 1996 with my Journal. I started another blog in 2010 to help create the Semantic Web revolution, and another one in 2013 on business. I have also written five books. In 2013, I was invited to be one of the first writers on Medium.com and have been writing there since.

In April 2019, I published In Reality, to help people build an evidence-based view of the world. After Tyler Cowen linked to it, about 20,000 people came to read it (or at least the top of the page). Dozens of people asked to receive a daily newsletter.


If you want to change the world, I want to give you the tools to do it. This blog and my new web site are for people who want to do something for their future and the the planet. Give me 15 minutes each day and I’ll send you a couple dozen shiny new IQ points to add to your total.

Two things today:

With the launch of this blog, I will put out a daily newsletter with one thought or one question. The blog posts and newsletters will be roughly the same, though the blog posts will have comments and possibly more content. Please subscribe if you haven’t already, and send friends here to sign up:

Second, I’m looking for people to help this effort. I have a Telegram channel for volunteers and people who want to discuss this work. We will plan interviews, work on social campaigns, expand this site, do research, and work on building the platform. If you are interested in helping us, please join our Telegram group.